Update: My DIY Air Plant Terrarium

I did a post on how to make your own Terrarium, but here is an update and pictures of my very own Terrarium I put together after writing the post.

I am super excited and happy with the final display.

I worked a press event for Potterybarn last summer and I received a couple of apothecary jars at the event and I decided to use them as my glass vessel.  Here is the link to the jars they have available now that you could use as well.

I actually made two terrariums. One with a small Tillandsia and another with  a medium sized Tillandsia.  The pictures are of the terrarium with the medium sized air plant.

I bought my air plants on Etsy for a pretty good price considering with the cost of two plants and shipping was cheaper than local places in Brooklyn sell one air plant for.

I bought the sand at home depot for about $5 and to be very honest it was a 50 lb bag lol.  I clearly didn’t need that much sand but why was I going to pay up to $10 for a small bag of sand when I could get that much for a cheaper price.  Luckily I do have kiddies so we will be doing lots of craft projects which include sand this summer.

I found both types of preserved moss on Amazon and was finally able to complete my DIY project.


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