Hello My Name is Nivia… and I’m an Addict

My addiction ETSY!!!!!

It is amazing how many awesome things you can find on Etsy.  I can only compare it to Amazon my second love.  Mostly everything I buy these days are between these two sites. They even have an iPhone app so I can take my addiction on the road.

I also love the fact that the site has a wide selection of indie designers and artisans who are providing nice products at reasonable prices.  And if you to are interested in selling something you like setup is easy and cheap to have your own e-commerce site.

But seeing how I am working hard to keep a budget I window shop Etsy everyday just for home decor inspiration and to see all the other lovely things the site has to offer.

Here are some of the things I added to my favorites most recently.

Empress Vanilla Spice Shea Butter

Combination Bracelet

Washi Tape

Sconce Bookshelves

Wooden Stamp

Cast Iron Soap Dish/ Business Card Holder

Send-me-Your-Overalls Bag


The Book I’m Reading and Listening To

iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.  What’s the point of having all these gadgets if we don’t use them to the fullest!

I took a course at the Fashion Institute of Technology and my Professor spoke to us about properly making use of our time.  He said in the morning you have the option to waste your time like sleeping on the train or listening to the newest hits on your mp3 player, or you can use that time to do things that will help you in life.

I prefer to tune out the crazies on the train, so I decided to download from iTunes and listen to something to help me in my professional life on my iPad.

I have been listening to the audio book, “How to Become CEO: The Rules for Rising to the Top of any Organization by Jeffrey J. Fox.

This book has been giving me some interesting tips like never write a nasty memo and skip all office parties when on the job.  I must say some sound a little off but it’s worth a second thought.

In order to keep things new each day on the train every other day I also read an ebook.

I have also been gearing up to redesigning my apartment so I downloaded the ebook from Barnes & Nobles for the iPad Nook App, Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living by Tsh Oxenreider.

I will admit I have some hoarding behaviors so before I redesign I have sought out assistance on how to cut the clutter before I can redesign my living space.  There are chapters for cleaning and organizing the home room-by-room, and future project ideas that will inspire you to turn your house in to a haven you’ll love.

Make use of your free time and use your new tech gadgets to spark inspiration in your life.