The BUST magazine Craftacular 2012 this weekend

With such an amazing weekend we had in NYC I took the chance to start my Spring and Summer of outings by attending Bust Magazine’s Craftacular & Food Fair. Although the subways suck on the weekends and I normally hate leaving … Continue reading

Little Things You Can do to Bring Happiness

I have my good days and bad days like anyone else but how can I make my good days out number the bad?

I do little things that take my mind off stressers and I will highlight them from time to time.

One of my favorite things to do is create inspiration books on things that I find enjoyment in.

I subscribe and read tons of magazines and having all those magazines around drives my family crazy.

So in order to have some type of sanity I made a change to not keep the magazine but keep the items I really love in the magazine.

Although I live in an apartment I always dream about my house and how I would decorate it. Therefore I buy magazines that focus on design and cut out the images that I like.

I do the same with fashion and focus on the styles I like, as well as various apparel and accessories I would like to have in my closet or may someday purchase.

On those days when I just can’t be bothered with the outside world, I sit back and take some me time and look through my old books or paste my new pics into collages and enjoy.

I am sometimes surprised at how my mood changes and how relaxed I am after.