Hello My Name is Nivia… and I’m an Addict

My addiction ETSY!!!!!

It is amazing how many awesome things you can find on Etsy.  I can only compare it to Amazon my second love.  Mostly everything I buy these days are between these two sites. They even have an iPhone app so I can take my addiction on the road.

I also love the fact that the site has a wide selection of indie designers and artisans who are providing nice products at reasonable prices.  And if you to are interested in selling something you like setup is easy and cheap to have your own e-commerce site.

But seeing how I am working hard to keep a budget I window shop Etsy everyday just for home decor inspiration and to see all the other lovely things the site has to offer.

Here are some of the things I added to my favorites most recently.

Empress Vanilla Spice Shea Butter

Combination Bracelet

Washi Tape

Sconce Bookshelves

Wooden Stamp

Cast Iron Soap Dish/ Business Card Holder

Send-me-Your-Overalls Bag


Every Day Beauty: Beauty Products I can’t Live Without

My Top Five Beauty Products I can’t Live Without Right Now

Maybelline Lots of Lashes Mascara sold at Target.

My lashes are pretty ok length wise, but when I put on this mascara… It’s show time!

I didn’t have any clumping just lashes that looked well defined, thick and long. This will definitely be a keeper in my makeup bag.

Tresemme Split Remedy Conditioner sold at Walgreens.

I do not have a perm, but I do love to color my hair.  Ever since I went from the highlights that I had for years to the jet black color I’m rocking now, I was experiencing a crazy amount of breakage and split ends when I blow dry my hair.

This product has been doing some serious repair.

The website reads: Formulated with Innovative Reconstructing Complex, it actually repairs up to 80% of split ends in just three uses and keeps working to fix damage and bind splits as they occur.

But I actually read about this product from BGLH: The site talks about the conditioner having PEC Technology which is said to be a process in which molecules bind to the open ends of your split and seal it back together when dried.

Bottom line I have seen less hair around my bathroom when doing my hair so I will continue to add this to my routine.

BeautiControl Spa Manicure Creme sold at BeautiControl.

I received this in a goodie bag during NY Fashion Week and this is exactly what my super dry eczema prone skin asked for.

My hands tend to get very dry and this creme softens my skin immediately without the feeling of coating my hands in glue.

Carol’s Daughter Macadamia hold and control smoother sold at Sephora.

I use this to keep my edges down and it really works like a super hold gel without the drying, flaking, or stiffness.

Christian Dior Serum de Rouge 670 Pink Ruby sold at Macys.

As I stated in a previous post I have been experimenting with adding a pop of color to my makeup.

This lip color also happens to be a lip moisturizing treatment as well.  Combined with the perfect matching waterproof lip liner by in Rose by Sephora I’m all set to walk out the door with lots of Glam.